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Understanding the Role of Medication in Your Treatment Journey

Many people living with #schizophrenia benefit from a treatment plan that includes taking medication to help reduce symptoms. Learn about the types of medication available.

Understanding Schizophrenia Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Transitions

While schizophrenia treatment works to manage symptoms, people receiving treatment may at times experience severe symptoms that require inpatient psychiatric services. Learn how to lean on one’s treatment team to set oneself up for a successful transition to outpatient treatment.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of acknowledging what you’re feeling without judging the emotions or sensations as you’re experiencing them. Learn more about why you should practice #mindfulness and how to reap its benefits

What is Resilience? Building Resilience as a Caregiver

Caregiving can be filled with ups and downs throughout a loved one’s treatment journey. Practicing resilience as you deliver care can be beneficial to you and your loved ones, improving emotional wellbeing and coping abilities.

Understanding Relapse and Your Treatment Journey

It’s common for people with schizophrenia to be readmitted to the hospital soon after being discharged. Relapse can be defined as a return or worsening of schizophrenia symptoms. Learn more about how to recognize and treat schizophrenia in this video.

What is a Mental Health Crisis? How to Support Someone in Need

A mental health crisis is when a person’s emotional or mental state puts them or someone else in danger or prevents them from being able to care for themselves or to function effectively in a community. Learn the warning signs and actions you can take to support one another.

What To Do When A Loved One Withdraws From Social Connection

If someone withdraws socially because of Major Depressive Disorder, there may be negative effects on one’s relationships and job performance due to isolation. Loved ones and caretakers should be aware of the symptoms of MDD and how they can help

My Therapy Journey

You may feel nervous attending your first therapy appointment, as you might not know what to expect. Watch this video for some information to know as you start your therapy journey.

Helpful Tips to Develop a Mental Health Crisis Safety Plan

Since we can’t all anticipate when a mental health crisis will occur, it’s a good idea to develop a safety plan working with your treatment team.