Provider Learning Hubs

Provider Learning Hubs

Level-up Your Practice.

What is a Provider Learning Hub?

We're glad you asked! We're more than just online education - watch how your learning extends beyond just receiving a certification.

Why Psych Hub?

Our courses are proven to take you from knowledge learned to behavior changed—each designed to offer an immersive experience, from interactive modules, role-playing, theory tanks, downloadable PDFs, companion videos, and more!

Nationally Recognized Certifications

Receive specialized certifications to place on your website, CV, and social media handles to show your mastery.

Continuing Education

Submit your certifications to your licensure boards for continuing education credit.

Patient Engagement Tools

You'll unlock access to an entire library of hundred of resources to share with your patients. Email or text them our companion videos and downloadable worksheets to keep them engaged.

Measurement-based Care

Increase revenue by having clients fill out assessments to be reimbursed by insurance.

Get Matched with Patients

You'll be added to the Psych Hub Registry where patients and looking for providers in your area of expertise.

Learn from the Best

We partner with academia - like Columbia, UPenn, and Harvard - to bring you the latest evidence-based practices.

Don't Just Take it From Us

Hear what our learners are saying!

Said the courses met all learning targets and provided them a great deal of information.
Said the content of the CE program was useful for their practice.
Said the supplementary materials offered for clients and clinicians were plenty and excellent quality.
Said were interested in enrolling in other courses.
Said the program content was up-to-date.