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Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director of the SHRM Foundation

“Now more than ever, HR professionals are helping employers and employees manage the significant toll of a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a social crisis all happening at once. As the nation, and the world builds what the future of work will look like, it is critical to provide resources, so workers feel safe, secure, and supported while continuing to reduce the mental health stigma in the workplace. SHRM Foundation and Psych Hub are providing actionable tools to HR professionals so they can properly care for their teams’/ employees’ mental health at work. We are very excited about the positive impact this will have on the workplace.”


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Marjorie Morrison, LMFT, LPC, Co-founder and CEO of Psych Hub

“We’ve compiled a number of resources and tools to address some of the most common mental health and workplace wellness issues in an evidence-based way. Employers have a responsibility to care for their workers, whether they share a physical office or work remotely. The initiative gives employers access to trustworthy resources to ensure that we’re doing our part to mitigate mental health issues and support wellbeing.”


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Garen Staglin, Chairman, One Mind, and Co-Founder of One Mind at Work

“In these critical times, employers and mental health leaders must work together to transform approaches to mental health and addiction and effectively promote mental health as important as physical health. One Mind at Work’s growing global coalition of companies and organizations are committed to transforming approaches to mental health and are excited to partner with SHRM and Psych Hub to reach more employers and positively impact employees everywhere.”


At One Mind at Work, we believe that our committed group of leaders can accelerate progress on workplace mental health and improve practices across the globe. Through our networks of other leading employers, we are driving widespread adoption of our “gold standards” for workplace mental health to achieve dramatic outcomes. By joining our employer coalition, you will be exposed to like-minded executives and other experts who are driving innovation, have opportunities to shape the public’s understanding of the issue and be recognized as a thought leader in brain health. Please contact to discuss membership.