Neil Parikh is an entrepreneur and businessman who most recently co-founded Casper, an innovative e-commerce mattress company that aims to transform the way people sleep. In 2013, together with four additional investors, Parikh founded Casper. At the time, Parikh was hard at work at another venture of his WaterWalla. Founded in 2010, WaterWalla helps people living in urban slums gain access to clean water technologies. In 2014, Parikh jumped on board with Casper, a New York City-based company that raised $1.85 million in its first round of funding.

Manufactured in the United States and designed and in-house, Casper utilizes a patent-pending combination of 1.5 inches of latex foam and memory foam each and 7 inches of base polyurethane support in order to create a supportive surface for sleeping like no other on the market today. Casper also stands apart from other mattress companies in that they are sold exclusively online, but have showrooms in New York City and Los Angeles. Once customers commit to purchasing a Casper mattress, it will be delivered to its recipient by an Uber driver in New York City or another car service elsewhere.

In addition to his work with both Casper and WaterWalla, Parikh founded Consigned in 2012 and organized TEDxCollegeHill in Providence, Rhode Island. Parikh attended Brown University, receiving a BA in Commerce, Organization, and Entrepreneurship. He later received an MD in Liberal Medical Education from Brown Medical School.