Dr. Brown is an internationally renowned expert in suicide prevention whose work has led to transformational advances in the treatment of suicidal individuals. His research aims to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of innovative, targeted interventions designed to reduce vulnerability factors associated with suicidal behavior in high-risk populations and to examine and improve the implementation of evidence-based treatments into “real world” settings to prevent suicide. Specifically, Dr. Brown is the developer, along with his colleagues, of two clinical interventions for individuals at risk for suicide including the Safety Planning Intervention and Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention. The Safety Planning Intervention is an evidence-based, brief suicide prevention strategy that has been used in research and widely disseminated in health care settings, including the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). He also developed one of the few existing evidence-based psychotherapy interventions, Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention, which has been shown to prevent suicide attempts among individuals at high risk for suicide. He also provides clinical training for clinicians in suicide assessment and risk management, cognitive behavior therapy for depression, and suicide prevention.